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SharePoint Entity Framework is an open source class library used for converting between SharePoint List Item and custom entity class. Using SharePoint Entity Framework, you can read the field values from SharePoint List Item to corresponding properties of entity, or write the property values of entity to the corresponding Fields of SharePoint List Item. All you need is write a simple entity class. And in most cases, you don't need to care about the conversion logic. SharePoint Entity Framework can greatly improve your coding productivity, and make your code more robust.

  • Support two-way conversion between SharePoint List Item and entity class.
  • Support most SharePoint built-in Field types.
  • Allow one-way conversion(means only allowed reading from List Item).
  • Provide multiple mapping mode for following SharePoint Field type: Hyperlink or Picture, Lookup and Person or Group.
  • Support custom field type.
  • Support custom property type.
  • Fully tested in SharePoint 2010
How to Use:
Please refer the Documentation.

SharePoint Entity Framework是一个用来在SharePoint列表项和自定义实体类之间做双向转换的开源类库。您只需要编写简单的实体类,就可以随时将SharePoint列表项的字段值读取到实体类的对应属性中,也可以随时将实体类的属性值写入到SharePoint 列表项的对应字段中,并且大多数情况下,您无需关心转换逻辑。SharePoint Entity Framework可以极大的提升您的编码效率,也能帮助您编写出更加健壮的代码。

  • 支持在SharePoint列表项和实体类之间做双向转换
  • 支持绝大多数SharePoint内置字段类型
  • 允许将实体类属性设置为仅从列表项读取
  • 对“超链接或图片”、“查阅项”和“用户或用户组”提供多种映射方式
  • 支持自定义字段类型
  • 支持自定义属性类型
  • 在SharePoint 2010中进行了完整的测试

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